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Speaking to Law Enforcement and First Responders

Wives and mothers often carry the highest burden in their roles as the spouse.  Supporting and encouraging their spouses, being proud of their husbands and wives.  Knowing the things that could happen and remaining a constant strength for their family and children.  This unique group of individuals face these intense emotions, highs and lows and daily battle of the unknown, and they often find comfort and safety amongst each other.

Family, Marriage, and Loss.

Families and loved ones of law enforcement are an intricately unique and immensely strong group of individuals.  Constantly supporting their loved ones through an intense and rewarding profession, with another battle raging inside themselves of questions, fear, safety and protection.  Knowing your loved one is at risk during every shift and every call.  Each day they get into uniform sworn to protect and serve with their spouse at home yearning and praying for a safe return home.  A family’s constant silent wondering when they hear or see lights and sirens is, “Are they ok?”, “Will they make it home?”

Two women enthralled in law enforcement life. Tania Owen, a retired Detective herself, mother and wife of a fallen officer.  Vickie Speed, mother and wife of a detective, who succumbed to Cancer. Two inimitable stories of these women’s experiences, their journey and the heroes in uniform they loved so deeply.